Hi, apologies in the long delay on this release. It took a couple days for Google to approve it and it went through a number of beta rounds before the bugs were ironed out. This release brings swipe customization and a couple new settings. As always thank you everyone for your feedback!


  • Swipe customizations
  • Comment navigator now moves to where your previous comment was and not centered
  • Image caching should be a bit smarter now and release memory when not in view
  • volume navigation now defaults to OFF
  • edge to edge display now defaults to OFF
  • Image close gestures can now be controlled in settings
  • Post card layout UI improvements
  • Added setting for double tap to like posts
  • Post card is now affected by the ‘handedness’ setting
  • The list of moderated communities now shows up in the sidebar
  • Adds list of Admins/Mods to the about instance and about community pages
  • Current Sort title text is now in the tertiary theme colour to make it stand out a bit more, removed 'via ’ text.
  • Added option to see full upvote and downvote counts on post cards
  • The top app bar should now appear sooner when scrolling up
  • !community markdown now correctly links to a community
  • Card view with height limited will crop the image versus displaying the image fitted to the container

Also I’m testing out a fix to some comments not appearing on 1.0.109 beta, let me know how that looks. Next on my list is either drafts or an improved video player.

Edit: 1.0.110 beta changelog

  • Adds draft functionality for posts and comments
  • Adds video player for most video types (still experimental, working out the bugs on this one)
  • Fixed going into comments from the inbox not scrolling the view


::: Test :::


  • That, or the ability to ask where to save every one. It’s a lot easier to sort the cat pictures from the meme pictures if I can just save them in different folders directly, for example.