OC for you.

  • @sock@lemmy.world
    210 months ago

    i wish i didnt dislike linux or mac so much also im a gamer so windows is a necessity (but u can game on linux? i play valorant exclusively at this point which isnt linux support afaik)

    and no there isn’t a linux distro i might like and if there is i can find it myself linux people are so damn annoying.

    • LinkOpensChest.wav
      610 months ago

      Hmm they’ve been really patient and helpful with me so far

    • 𝕸𝖔𝖘𝖘OP
      10 months ago

      Gaming on Linux works quite well. I haven’t found a game that didn’t work, but I haven’t played them all, so I’m sure at least one exists. Also, there absolutely is a Linux distro you would like, but it’s irrelevant if you’re happy on windows. We have a choice of OS, which is a beautiful thing. Lastly, Linux people aren’t “so damn annoying” in the least bit. Stubborn people are, but Linux folks don’t tend to be overly stubborn, I’ve noticed.

      E: also, my meme had nothing to do with Linux at all. It’s about being annoyed with ads within windows.