• @jack@monero.town
    510 months ago

    Open source gives you all the freedoms that free software gives. So it factually equates. You are also spreading the misinformation that F-Droid guarantees that the software there is 100% libre even when it is an external repo. Totally wrong.

    You are trying to tell me that caring about free software is misinformation now?

    When did I say that? Are you stupid?

    You can’t convince people when you are just repeating what Stallman says without understanding it.

    • Possibly linuxOP
      110 months ago

      Open source doesn’t necessarily give you the freedoms the free software gives. Open source just means you can use the source code. Free software means it grants you the 4 freedoms and respects your ability to modify and distribute the code.

      My problem with signal is they discourage forking and modifying the source or using modified versions of the code. I assume this is one of the reasons they don’t have signal on F-droid.

      Also F-droid allows you to get your programs from any repo. It is up to you not to add bad repos. Molly has a lot of encouraging things about it that make it more trustworthy for me. The main thing I like is there fully Foss version.