What are some things that you enjoy or dislike about the Fediverse so far.

  • @pepsison52895
    4 months ago

    Not the one you replied to, but I don’t think so only because most people believe that it’s not as simple as your standard social media, and, to some extent, they’re right.

    • @brown567@sh.itjust.works
      84 months ago

      I don’t know, I downloaded Boost for Lemmy the day it came out and setup was easier than it was for Reddit

      I think the 3rd-party apps Reddit hated so much massively help cater to the preferences of users with varying levels of experience and dedication

      • SamXaviaOP
        14 months ago

        @brown567 @pepsison52895 As brown mentioned, things like 3rd party apps really help with stream lining the process, I know I was confused about Instances but with things like Tumblr, Wordpress & Threads trying to get into the Fediverse it’s a promising sign.

        I explain instances more like login in with emails, you can still communicate with the other but can’t log in on the other one unless you have another account.