I just chipped in for lemmy.one and that got me thinking that I’ve seen a lot more of Ko-fi.com popping up instead of Patreon. Is it because of fees or an one time tip jar feature?

I’m also curious as to why more folks don’t use https://liberapay.com/ especially the more federated/FOSS minded folks.

Just trying to learn what’s hot and what’s not and what the creators/devs prefer and why.

  • @jonahMA
    81 year ago

    Is it because of fees or a one time tip jar feature?

    Both. Thanks for your support! I should check out Liberapay again though.

    • @curioushomOP
      11 year ago

      Thanks for validating, definitely want to shift my contributions to the platform that’s most beneficial for the beneficiary. I’ve been using liberapay to support for a few years and it has worked well. The fact that it can be hosted and not at the whim of a financial entity (aside from stripe/PayPal) is nice. Keep up the great work!