I have tried many, many ways to stay organised and to capture my thoughts. One of my main issues is getting myself to actually look at what I’ve written down. I have a tendency to let things disappear into the background and click off reminders without even realising. I also love s physical notebook but it takes a lot to get into the habit of checking it daily.

One of the things I am trying is making my phone itself a dashboard for organisation using widgets. On my front page here I have a todoist widget and a small view of calendar. On the next homepage I have just one big Google keep note widget which I’m using as a brain dump for when I get random stressy thoughts in my head/ things I need to remember and deal with later. I also have a full monthly view of calendar as another widget on another home screen.

I really like it, especially the calendar but it is not foolproof. I am finding that im already ignoring the todoist list and still going back to Google keep which is one of my favourite apps for thought capturing.

  • 𝒍𝒆𝒎𝒂𝒏𝒏
    211 months ago

    I used to do the same with widgets and found having a calendar in particular really helpful. My todo list widget though… uhm… it just ended up accumulating stuff that wouldn’t get done 😅

    Nowadays I use a minimalist launcher (Niagara) that shows me the next event for the day, and tapping it opens a list view of the full day.

    I wish there was something similar available for my desktop and laptop - at the moment I make do with having my calendar logged in on another tab

    • @jocanib@lemmy.world
      11 months ago

      You could try something like Phone Link so you can access all your phone apps on your computer.

      I also use Dark Notes (a free app for Windows). It’s basically just a grid of post-it notes. I have one for “today” which lists the tasks I really should be getting on with right now, plus one with more detailed notes for every project, and one for things that need to be ticked off eventually. That and a glance at the calendar helps keep me on track. Obviously it needs updating regularly enough to be useful but that in itself is a handy task to kickstart the day.

      The thing that really helps is having a laptop with a small screen next to the keyboard (big phone, small tablet sized). Not cheap but I don’t need a separate desktop (because that is just asking for trouble, for me anyway). I use it like a dashboard so that this stuff is always in front of me.

    • @Juju@sh.itjust.worksOPM
      311 months ago

      Yeah I just have Google keep and calendar pinned to every browser on ever computer / laptop I use (personal laptop, work laptop, computer in my classroom (teacher), office computer).

      I’m also ATM having fun with obsidian. I want to open it whenever I go on laptop because it’s currently a novelty and I want to look at it. I’ve got periodic notes plug in, some kind of to do list plug in and another to do list plug in to make them roll over to the next day. I open up a daily note, check my to do and then check Google keep (where I dump thoughts) to see whether I need to add anything else to my to do.

      I still need to set up s way to sync to phone as at the moment I can only use on laptop. I’ve read his to do it I just…can’t be bothered.