Some people have been asking which communities they should join first, so I posted some remote communities you can subscribe to on the sidebar on the homepage :)

Tech → !
News → !
Gaming → !
Memes → !
Privacy → !
FOSS → !
Monero → !
Music → !
Books → !
LGBT → !
Nature → !
Sports → !
Programming → !

Find another cool community? Leave a comment :)

There’s also this universal community search tool you can try using. If you find a community, just copy its URL and paste it in /search to subscribe to it here. This just goes to show that while there might not be many local communities here on yet, the beauty of the fediverse means that doesn’t matter!

  • @jonahOPMA
    61 year ago has a lot of federation issues unfortunately (uptime issues in general, actually). There’s not much that can be done until their server is fixed, and yes I agree it’s very annoying, but they’re working on it 👍