Ubuntu was planning to ship the CUPS printing stack as a Snap in 23.10 — but after several months of testing, its changed its mind.

Accordingly, a DEB-based printing stack will feature in Ubuntu 23.10 “Mantic Minotaur” and in Ubuntu 24.04 LTS. Switching to the CUPS Snap will now aim to take place during the Ubuntu 24.10 development cycle.

  • @constantokra
    1110 months ago

    I feel exactly the same and stopped using Ubuntu entirely once they started using apt to install snaps. Have you recently purged Ubuntu of snaps? Last time I tried it was an absolute nightmare to upgrade.

    • @Oisteink@feddit.nl
      610 months ago

      We remove snap as a first thing on new server installs, and other than the few dormant folders left behind we have 0 issues. Once that stops working we’ll move to Debian I wanna switch now but need something like this to get the rest of the team onboard.

    • @zecg@lemmy.world
      10 months ago

      I don’t upgrade Ubuntu, just unmount home, tar the configs for reference and install the new one. I’ve lost more time in the past to hunting gremlins on an upgrade than doing a clean install and applying my configs.