• @TALL421
    19 months ago

    I don’t necessarily agree with your ranking (I am a prequel child, blinded by nostalgia and I know it) but as someone else who lists TLJ high in their ranking (top 3 probably) just want to say that it is nice to see someone feel the same here. I’ve been worried about that since there is no r/starwarscantina

    • wjrii
      29 months ago

      I have to try hard to remember that my own perceptions as one of the last of the OT kids (saw ROTJ in theaters as a young child) are informative, but not definitive. Everybody enjoys what they enjoy, but the particular areas where the PT was lacking, combined with the insane buildup in the fallow period from 83-99, left me trying to will TPM to be better than it was, and just feeling beat down by the next two.

      TFA made a particular point to address the specific shortcomings in the PT, and I give it a lot of credit for that, but it made a lot of brand new mistakes. Mistakes I think TLJ was doing a wonderful job of fixing, until they overcorrected and made TROS, which pissed off literally everybody and left it tied for last in my order despite it being bad (to me) in a very different way than AOTC.

      The thing that speaks best of TROS is that it wraps the whole era up in what amounts to a single terrible year for the New Republic.