This dude posts a wildly racist meme of Michelle Obama. I report the post. Funnily enough, the racist post is posted by the mod of dankmemes, dankchristianmemes and some other shit hole.

Said mod then starts sending abusive transphobic messages to me. Try to report the user. Nothing happens when I hit the button.

Shit like this is why Lemmy isn’t a viable alternative yet. We need to do better and be better.

    • db2
      110 months ago

      A post on that goofball server says: will go offline August 31st 2023.

      So we won’t have to deal with their whiny racist sexist bullshit for long.

      If you’re curious an accurate tl;dr of the post that’s from is “waah we can’t be total shitheads with impunity while also telling everyone else what to do, so we’re going to voat nostr where other insufferable brats also go.”