I’ve been putting off renewing my mullvad membership because of the port forwarding thing. I only want to use it for torrenting. Is it really crucial to find a VPN that supports port forwarding? If so, what’s the go to option now that it’s becoming increasingly uncommon?

  • @ipkpjersi
    78 months ago

    If you want to run a seedbox behind a VPN (like I do) then you’d want to be connectable, so a VPN with portforwarding would be crucial. I run my own OpenVPN server on a public VPS (so a dedicated IP instead of shared IP) but I only use private trackers so a dedicated IP is fine and also technically required, so my local seedbox whitebox server connects to my OpenVPN server as an OpenVPN client, and tunnels all traffic over the VPN with an iptables prerouting rule on my public VPS for the traffic on my qbtorrent-nox inbound port to reach my local server.

    This way I can run whatever hardware I want in my seedbox and have full control over the hardware while also masking my home IP.