What is Lemmy?

Lemmy is link aggregator software that exists in the fediverse, meaning it connects with other “ActivityPub” software like Mastodon and other Lemmy instances. Basically, you can follow and interact with communities here on Lemmy.one, on any other Lemmy instance, or even from your Mastodon account!

What is Lemmy.one?

Lemmy.one is a general-purpose instance of Lemmy—a self-hostable, decentralized alternative to Reddit and other link aggregators—hosted by myself (Jonah). I am the administrator of the Mastodon server mstdn.party, and the founder of privacyguides.org.

This instance is generously supported by our contributors, if you use this instance to interact with the fediverse, please consider a monthly contribution to support my work.

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What are the rules here?

  1. No racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, xenophobia, or casteism
  2. No incitement of violence or promotion of violent ideologies
  3. No harassment, dogpiling or doxxing of other users
  4. No content illegal in the United States, Germany, or Finland
  5. Do not share intentionally false or misleading information
  6. Do not spam or abuse network features.

As a general-purpose instance, we do not have heavy moderation in terms of what topics people are allowed to post about, however all users are expected to follow our rules at all times, and generally be nice and friendly on the federation.

Please report all content you see which might violate our rules for evaluation. If you are on a remote server, please forward any reports of our users to our server for our moderators to take action, we pledge that remote reports will remain confidential within our moderation team and will not be used for any form of retribution against the reporter.

    • @lovesickoyster
      31 year ago

      hah, I would swear there was nothing just a couple of minutes ago when I searched for “cycling”. Thanks!

      • @jonahOPMA
        121 year ago

        There probably wasn’t, because nobody on lemmy.one had “discovered” it yet. It is slightly complicated, but you can find remote communities more reliably with a tool like https://browse.feddit.de/, and then paste the URL of the community you find in the search page. That will tell lemmy.one to fetch the community from that server, the communities you see on lemmy.one are ones where that process has already happened.

        details: https://lemmy.one/post/1600

        • @FiendishFork
          31 year ago

          So if someone on here discovered a “new” community that no one else on here discovered yet, then after that other people here would be more easily able to find it afterwards?

            • @hemmes
              11 year ago

              Yea, just like Mastodon. Love that concept and flow.