It should surprise no one that Dominionist Mike Johnson’s change of heart on Ukraine was bought by suggesting to him that it could serve his religious agenda.

    3 months ago

    Wasn’t it AIPAC that convinced him, now that there is a more credible threat on Israel?

    The aid package is tied to both Ukraine and Israel. Something must have happened that he is not sucking Putin/Trumps dick anymore.

    • spaceghotiOPM
      53 months ago

      They passed separate aid packages for Ukraine and Israel. They could have done all the aid packages in one lump, but House Republicans voted it down on Trump’s orders.

      The speculation is that with Trump’s criminal trial in session in New York, he doesn’t have the capacity to micromanage Republicans on the Hill. So this was Magic Mike’s first opportunity to pass the bill unobstructed, even if it required Democrats to assist.