Was there even a mass exodus? I largely avoid Reddit now, but I do kind of doubt that they’ve been hurt in any meaningful way by all the protests and people leaving…

  • BrainisfineIthink
    110 months ago

    I think you’re the one that just wants me to “stfu” but you don’t want to say it directly.

    Yes, that would be great. Stfu. Please. Thank you.

    You don’t have to listen, you don’t have to be here for any of the conversations.

    You seem to have missed the extreme irony in saying this whole replying to a sub comment a week after it was posted by someone who agreed with me.

    • @Excrubulent@slrpnk.net
      10 months ago

      If you want me to stfu you can just block me, or just stop saying things directy to me that are blatantly wrong. Up to you ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

      And I don’t see what the age of the thread or the fact the poster agreed with you - although they don’t exactly, that’s another thing you’re wrong about - has to do with anything. I’m not here complaining about you talking, I’m pointing out how what you’re saying is wrong. You’re the one literally saying you want people to “stfu”. I’m glad you’ve at least owned it now.