Hardware channel Linus Tech Tips defended itself following a competitor’s claims about its “accuracy, ethics, and responsibility.”

  • @Knusper@feddit.de
    3310 months ago

    I don’t want to let them off lightly for their journalistic quality – lots of their fans genuinely believe they know their shit and they don’t live up to that – but the fact they sold that prototype is more shocking to me.

    Even if they’d get a million bucks for it and donated twice as much to charity, that is just not a thing you can do.

    1. It’s not their property. Why are they auctioning that to begin with?
    2. When auctioning, you need to tell people what they’re buying. Surely, at that point, you’d realize it’s a prototype.
    3. That’s just a massive violation of journalistic integrity. That prototype may have cost £XXXX to produce, but if it falls into the hands of a competitor, the financial damage is significantly higher. Why would any hardware manufacturer send LTT exclusive hardware previews after this?
    • @NightOwl
      1710 months ago

      Yeah, lot of people really do trust LTT. Became apparent to me when prior to this event I came across a comment on lemmy talking about how LTT sponsored segments are ones they trust to not recommend crap. I had thought the default approach was to not trust sponsored segments regardless of who, what, or where it is from.

      So some people dismissing this saying LTT is just entertainment to them doesn’t mean everyone sees it as entertainment, but a reliable source of recommendations and news.

      • QHC
        1810 months ago

        The whole ‘entertainment’ angle is so ironic when considering what LMG is trying to become and how much money they are spending on that plan. They want to be seen as experts with objective, reliable data, but can’t afford $500 of employee time to test things properly?!

        This sure is a blow to that desired reputation.

        • @g0nz0li0@beehaw.org
          110 months ago

          Agree. As a casual viewer, I find LMG enjoyable as entertainment, but you can tell they’re playing it fast and loose. I’ve never had an inclination to rely on their reviews or opinions, there’s already so many better sources for that.