• 𝒍𝒆𝒎𝒂𝒏𝒏
    1139 months ago

    It’s a complete crapshow IMO.

    I still have the source code for the simple stuff I developed over 12 years ago, but these organisations don’t think it’s important to hang on to source code and assets for something they plan to make money from?

    Really telling about the attitudes towards software outside of the FOSS space and datahoarder communities, and more importantly how little the management/publishers actually care about the product.

    Although to counter that, I’m aware of at least one situation where the opposite has happened. One of my simulation games for example is really buggy and isn’t able to receive more updates because the studio behind it voluntarily disbanded, leaving the publisher without access to the source code (I believe the publisher Aerosoft has tried to get a copy of the source to provide further game fixes, but the individuals behind the disbanded studio could not come to an agreement on this)

    • JackbyDev
      299 months ago

      I’ve had teams not bother to keep proper history when moving from subversion to git and I’ve also had a DevOps team entirely wipe the history of a new project just because cloning took a long time (and refused to attempt shallow cloning).

      So the idea that a company just lets their code “rot” to the point of not even having it anymore because it’s just some legacy thing from over a decade ago is totally unsurprising to me.