Robert F. Kennedy Jr. said Wednesday he believes Russia acted in “good faith” amid the Kremlin’s invasion of Ukraine, adding the U.S., in fact, bore heavy responsibility for the ongoing war.

  • @Matthew
    48 months ago

    As much as I’d love another choice, Biden has at least done good this presidency and navigated the Russian crisis masterfully. Do I want someone younger, yes (dear god yes). Has he surprised me with how stable his presidency has been and the recovery of our standing in the international community? Yes.

    I’m going to vote for him again because we don’t have a choice. A vote for a 3rd party will be as destructive as it was in 2016. I bought into the narrative from Russia that Hillary was awful and that I should vote for anyone else. Look what they brought us? I, like many I know, voted for Bernie to send a message to the DNC. I threw away my vote for Hilary and then Trump won.

    Someone you just need a stable, sane candidate. We will get an exciting candidate again in the future. Let’s just keep steering the ship in the right direction for now.