• d-RLY?
    28 months ago

    Just going to just preface this with a heads-up that it is all just a rant about how much I hate that the “reopen everything” box is defaultly checked.

    Also it being the default setting for Mac OS means that people just never actually quit out of programs (though being fair most normie Mac users don’t even seem to know that just closing a window doesn’t quit the program). Which leads to just massive slowdowns and weird errors that they just turn around and pay way too much money to “fix”.

    I have had so much success with just immediately restarting them and just making sure to uncheck that stupid box so most shit finally is fully closed out when it powers back on. Which I also make it a point to tell everyone I help to actually reboot their shit even just a couple times a week (since most users also seem to never use either the shutdown or reboot and just always close the lid) to keep things more or less okay. I also educate them on how to actually quit out of programs.

    I shit you not that I once just did the whole “uncheck the box and reboot” shit and completely fixed a weird webcam not being detected problem within less than 2mins total. Made my boss happy that I was able to help that fast, but was very frustrated to hear that the person had actually been to the Apple Store before coming to us. They (the Apple Store) ran some super quick diagnostic and it came back as not seeing the webcam. To which they had quoted the person like $500~$600 to for the parts and labour.

    Coming to us was just a last attempt to make sure and the MacBook Air had been at least turned off and not just put to sleep before coming over. But the main factor was that stupid box being defaultly checked, and just everyone ignoring it and just keeping the problem around. The average person I can understand either just not really noticing or just being scared to uncheck it for fear of somehow messing something up. As they just assume that it wouldn’t be already checked if it was “correct”.

    So at least I was able to fix an issue that really wasn’t an issue, and the person walked away not having to spend a dime. And they learned to only check the box if they need it and will just uncheck it the rest of the time. Which also makes me happy to have helped and have taught them something they didn’t ever think to question.

    • Honestly, I only use macOS because that’s what my work standardized on. I use Linux exclusively at home, and every issue I have with macOS is with some default that is opt-in on Linux.

      I’m fairly competent with macOS, but it still frustrates me. I had to install an app to get per application volume control. I had to disable features like iCloud to stop getting nagged. I disable things from automatically starting up on boot because it takes way too long. I can’t really schedule updates or run them in the background. All of my ports break when I upgrade the OS, and getting them back is a pain (I use macports because it feels more familiar than homebrew, so maybe homebrew handles this better). Launching an app with spotlight or whatever cmd+space does is inconsistent, so I now pull up the app list to search (still feels wrong, though I guess it’s how GNOME Shell works). I use Docker images a lot, and since everything runs in a VM, it uses way more RAM than necessary (on Linux, I can just use Docker Engine and it uses very little).

      But I will say I think macOS is nicer to use than Windows, so there’s that I guess. But I still feel like it’s super overpriced and frustration-inducing, but maybe that’s just because I’m a grumpy old Linux user.