What game should a group of around 15 colleagues play to get the most out of 3 hours after work at an internet cafe?

It’s a mixed group of gamers and non gamers, and we want everyone to have a good time.

I’m thinking something where we can divide us into two teams and quite quickly get some enjoyment out of it even if most haven’t played it before.

  • @Saganaki
    3 months ago

    If it’s at an Internet cafe where everyone is in attendance, I seriously strongly suggest “The Ship”. In my experience, probably the ultimate LAN game. Screen peeking allowed but not encouraged.

    The game is effectively a game of assassin—but you have to upkeep your player’s needs (food/water/shower/bathroom/sleep). Your character needing to take a shit is stressful—very often you begin the process only to have your murderer pop open the door with a fire axe.

    It used to have a “viral” gift copy thing on Steam where 1 purchased copy generated 2 gift copies and those copies generated 1 copy each. So in theory, you could only require 3 copies for 15 of you if that’s still active.