So … i played michigan. all four maps. like i thought i was supposed to.

i went to the task giver tab and got myself some tasks.

i got my upgrades, unlocked watchtowers, delivered some goods.

after a while i wondered where to get those tasks others were talking about (like raising the beast etc.) as i couldn’t find them.

Turns out there is another tab (and i guess all of you knew about it) that is quite important: CONTRACTS!

alright, more to do. and also more content. i was quite slow playing through michigans tasks so i didnt mind especially with all the dlc to look forward to (not the buying but the playing).

thanks for the game devs. dont forget to check the contracts tab.

  • silly goose meekah
    23 months ago

    Haha yeah I remember how confusing all that was in the beginning.

    The contracts are the main “story”, and tasks are kind of side missions.

    There is actually a merit to doing some tasks before tackeling the contracts though! Usually all the obstacles like landslides and broken bridges are tasks.

    Hope you have lots of fun on your coming journeys!