• @Sharkwellington
    2110 months ago

    Yep, in my experience “I don’t understand this” means “I don’t want to understand this.”

    • WalrusDragonOnABike
      710 months ago

      At least when “I don’t understand this” is used as an excuse to for things like this.

      There are times where I feel like I don’t understand things, maybe partly because I’m probably autistic and probably deal with dpdr. I’m still not confident in my understanding of sexual attraction. Gender is still a mystery to me and I consider myself under the trans umbrella and spend a lot of time in trans communities, so it’s not from a lack of trying. Emotions(?) like pain and hunger also confuse me (at least one person has told me they’re not emotions, but for me there seems to often be a disconnect between the stimuli and my brain’s reaction to them so I’m often not sure how to answer when someone asks if im hungry or if something hurts because im not sure how my experience map to their words). But I don’t use my lack of understanding to tell others they should not take pain pills, for example.