Links to a hopefully growing list of lemmy clients.

There is an official FOSS lemmy app for Android called Jerboa that I’m using to create this post and it seems to work pretty well but that’s not all, there’s an iOS app, some BBS looking thing and some libraries that interact with reddit…

Wonder how useful those will be once the api changes happen in July, maybe worth trying them while you can…

What app are you using? Any thoughts about how they work? Just the website seems on your phone seems way more usable then any official reddit anything which is nice.

Man, I can’t find the submit post button…😅 Edit: i had to select a community first

  • @jonahMA
    151 year ago

    Tragically, I was looking into this this morning only to find that the sole iOS app is no longer available. Android is really spoilt for decentralized social media apps 😆