• @Tyfud
    8 months ago

    Generally agree. but the line work here looks exactly like line work for tatoos on skin. If it was drawn on, you wouldn’t have the green bleeding out and in to the line work. That happens because the colors are mixing sub-dermally, just below the surface of the skin. This is generally because your fill needles are huge bundles of several needles and they always tend to bleed into/under the black line work. That’s why you need extremely thick, well defined lines so it can hide the color fills bleeding through. In this case, it looks like some of the color got through.

    The white as well is pretty spot on for white inkwork. That’s the white color you get only for the first few months of a color tattoo.

    Honestly, I think this is legit.

    Could be wrong, but it looks real.

    Source: I have many, many tattoos over much of my body, and several in color with white accents that looked exactly like this for the first few months after it healed.