• @ArmyTiger@lemmy.world
    123 months ago

    Went to school with Weston Wamp. His dad was a professional congresscritter, and it was pretty clear all he was ever interested in was politics. Not very bright, not very athletic, but always shaking hands. I doubt he has any real understanding of the situation outside what an advisor told him. He won the Special Olympics of jobs, since he was running as a Republican for local elections in Tennessee. I value his opinion just slightly more than my dogs, as I suspect he knows not to eat his own poop, but he’s basically just a fine combination of nepotism and entitlement and shouldn’t be allowed to counsel people unless it’s on how to make a career without any marketable skills.

  • @uriel238@lemmy.blahaj.zone
    103 months ago

    If your legislators are telling you you shouldn’t unionize, they’re admitting they’re not your friends and admitting who owns them.

    Your options are to unionize or get violent, since they’re only going to attack your civil liberties from here on out.

  • @knotthatone
    33 months ago

    Oh, are these legislators planning to pass laws cracking down in wage theft, safety violations and guaranteeing a living wage with basic healthcare and retirement benefits?


    Then they can fuck off.